Online focus groups

Online focus groups Focus groups are important elements of market research whereby a group of selected individuals that accurately reflects the demographics of the existing market for any upcoming product or service are selected and introduced to the said product or service. They are made to utilize the product or service and are thereafter inquired … Read more

Market Research Company

Market Research Company In these highly interactive days of social media and subsequently evolving and advanced marketing techniques, market research is an important field of focus. It is an assessment of the viability of a certain existing or upcoming product or service that the firm in question intends to produce. Thus, if you wish to … Read more

Focus Groups

Focus Groups Focus groups are a superb strategy for answering “why” questions – delving more in-depth into the purchaser’s inspirations and dynamic buying habits. These focus groups can be live stream if clients cannot travel, particularly when there are geological or time constraints. In-person focus groups are ideal for finding out particulars about a certain … Read more