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Our continued commitment to service excellence makes us stand apart in the industry.

Who we are and what makes us essential

“When you partner with Think Group you get a team.”

We are in the heart of Austin giving you the best in and out access to our facility. With our state-of-the-art one-way mirror focus group rooms, our clients can enjoy the best seat in the house of what’s being said firsthand.

We have been fulfilling our client’s qualitative recruitment needs since 2007. With our in-house recruiting team, we’re able to provide you with real time results.



It’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to market research in an ever-changing world where the market is constantly evolving. We are here to make sure your brand is up to date with the everyday trends that are taking place. 

We speak to the right demographic as you only have one chance getting your project right in each market. With over a decade in the industry, we are ready to make your needs our needs to make your project a success!

We can provide a quick turnaround for any last-minute projects

Why work with us

We bring our full expertise and knowledge to each project since 2007 so that when we deliver it surpasses your expectations.

We are driven by our desire to help clients succeed.  We’re infatuated with qualified participants and our show rates.  We do what it takes to make our client’s project a success!

When you partner with Think Group you get a full-service market research firm who has a stand-alone location with the best Project Managers and Experienced onsite recruiters in town.  Everything is in house and never outsourced! 

We tailor our recruiting methods based on your project.  We listen so that we understand the purpose of the recruit so that we can incorporate the best approach to make sure your project is a success.

With Think Group you get a team, one that delivers exceptional customer service. We specialize in recruiting for all types of methodologies across the country.  We are here and ready to partner with you.

We take pride in our work, the community that we live in, and client relationships we make along the way with every project!  Let us assist you on getting the insights that matter to your client.

We are dedicated to understanding your project so that you have the best insights on what your customers are saying.

Whether it’s Nationwide or Local, let us improve your business strategy by providing you the qualified participants for your next project.

Our client experience




Go Anywhere
Golden Retreats


Home Tutor Co.
Kindergarten Kops
First Success


Cheese & Co.
Sailsbury Sails
Renta Suit
Comfort Wear


Brighter Futures
OAPing for good
Bold Foundation

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What we do

Global researchers come to us to find the targeted demographic in markets all around the country to help them solve industry defining challenges.  Our unique recruiting methods enables our clients to find the results needed to make an impactful decision.