Have multiple cities that you need to test in? Look no further, because we can recruit and host projects nationwide.
Our professional management team can accommodate your testing with our partner facilities across the country.

Innovative recruiting that breaks the mold.

Let us reach your target population.

We give updates for all the cities you are testing in and handle all of your recruiting needs.
We provide quick turnaround projects for those that are sudden and need fast results.

Service Offerings

Local Recruiting

We know our community. It is very important to partner with a company that is dedicated to serving and networking in its community. We believe in giving back while making connections along the way.

We pride ourselves on educating our community through various methods, so consumers understand the importance of letting their voice be heard! Let us connect you with the right participants for your next project in our backyard!

National Recruiting​

Think Group offers national recruiting, which eliminates outsourcing and maintains complete control over multimarket studies. This reduced outsourcing method centralizes management, reduces costs, and facilitates timely and organized project updates.

Our experienced recruiting staff specializes in “hard to find” demographics, such as high tech, early adopters, business executives, legal, ethnics, consumers, college students, and children/teens.

Hispanic/Latino Recruiting

Our clients are learning that Think Group has become known for its extensive experience in Hispanic/Latino recruiting and specialization in social, cultural, and ethnic research consumers.

We can successfully reach out to Unacculturated, Bi-cultured, and Acculturated Latinos for your project. Austin has a huge Latino population; we can guarantee the right Latino recruit will be found for you and your client. Our staff is bilingual and ready to assist you!

Multi-ethnic Recruiting

We know that speaking with a diverse demographic is a critical part of research as we continue evolve. 

Come and learn on how we can help you with your next specialized social, cultural, and ethnic research needs.  We are here to reach your targeted population!

Jury and Mock Trial Recruiting

With recruiting capabilities throughout the US, our experienced team understands the importance of this niche recruit.

We know the legal preparation and the appropriate policies and procedures to follow when recruiting for this type of research.

We’ve conducted projects of this type all over the country and have been the go-to source for our clients. Not only can we recruit for this type of research, but we can assist with any hosting needs at other locations to make sure your research runs smoothly.

Product Testing

At Think Group we pride ourselves on our exceptional ability to conduct thorough and insightful product testing. We understand that product testing is a critical part of maximizing user satisfaction and have experience making sure the tests go smoothly while providing optimal insights.

We are equipped for the full life cycle of your product test. From planning, recruitment, and the product test itself, we are ready to help you succeed. Our facilities are optimized for in-person product tests, or we can easily manage online product tests if needed. Let us know how we can help!


Online Bulletin Boards

Utilize our online bulletin board platform to gather information over (days or weeks), while making the study interactive through video, photos, quantitative questions and more!

Our platform is private and in multiple languages – it’s a great way to engage qualified participants, allowing them to come and go as directed no matter where they are located.

We gather useful information and opinions from these online bulletin boards to provide a comfortable, online community for participants. Because of this, participation is often increased, and the opinions you were looking for are found.

Intercept Interviews

Look no further, we are a trusted reliable partner specializing in this field. We’ve done it all – from trade shows/conventions, mall intercepts, financial banking institutions, multiple fast food locations, a variety of festivals, gaming events, if there are people, we are there!

Our clients seek out our partnership to assist them whether it’s paper forms or handheld devices to gather accurate data collection, fulfillment of quotas, and reporting. Our team is bilingual and professional but most of all approachable to provide the data needed for clients who seek a more onsite methodology.

Ethnographic Research

Look no further if you want to learn more about the participants’ natural surroundings, such as their home, office, shop, or gather, because we can help you with ethnographic research all across the country.

When clients want to focus their methodologies in getting up-close and personal to hear firsthand what participants have to say and how they go about their daily routines we can assist from the beginning to the end. 


Think Group In-Person Methods

  • Focus Groups – includes Mini-Groups, Triads, & Dyads
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Friendship Groups
  • CLTs (Central Location Test)
  • Shop-A-Longs
  • Home Usage Test & Product placement
  • Table Tasting
  • Usability Testing
  • Eye Tracking

Think Group Digital Methods

  • Online Focus Groups 
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Video Journals 
  • Blogs & Diaries 
  • TDI Web Assisted & Usability Testing 

Think Group Offsite Accommodations

  • Incentive & Fulfillment Processing
  • Offsite Hosting
  • Multi-Market Project Management 

Who we work with

Market research is essential for businesses to know their customers to make the best-informed decisions for their organizations. We work with Fortune 500 companies, national companies, local companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between to help them find the right individuals to grow and expand their businesses.

Innovation brings collaboration and achieves extraordinary results.