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Insights in Action: Unlocking Success Through Collaborative Market Research

Welcome to our dedicated Case Studies page, where we showcase the successful collaborations we’ve had with a diverse array of companies in conducting market research. Here, you’ll find detailed accounts of how our expertly tailored recruitment strategies and methodologies have paved the way for insightful, actionable market research outcomes, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Case Studies


At Think Group, our collaboration with Yellow Hat on a groundbreaking software solution for contractors showcased our commitment to innovative research methodologies and our ability to tackle unique market research challenges. This project wasn’t just another item in our portfolio; it demonstrated how we think differently to provide valuable insights for our clients.

Faced with engaging a hard-to-reach cohort of industry professionals, we designed a research project that broke away from traditional methods. With a 3rd-party partner, we opted for a setting familiar to contractors and chose a Saturday morning to ensure maximum participation. Recognizing the value of their time and expertise, we offered participants an incentive that reflected our appreciation for their input.

Our approach went beyond the norm. The session involved a live usability study in a remote location with 16 connected laptops, allowing participants to interact with the software using realistic scenarios. This hands-on experience was complemented by a post-usability 10-minute online survey and a 40-minute qualitative group discussion, enabling us to dive deep into the software’s usability, user expectations, and areas for improvement.

The rapid aggregation and analysis of feedback allowed us to leverage the quantitative results live during the qualitative portion and swiftly generate a comprehensive final report, highlighting actionable insights for product development. This project exemplifies our ethos at Think Group: we don’t just gather data; we engage with our subjects meaningfully to uncover deep insights.

Our work with Yellow Hat is a testament to our innovative approach and dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional market research. It’s a clear example of how we think differently to tackle our clients’ unique challenges, ensuring we deliver strategic insights that drive their projects forward.

Let’s talk if you’re navigating complex research challenges and looking for a partner that brings smarter thinking. At Think Group, we’re ready to apply our innovative methodologies and fresh perspectives to help illuminate the path forward for your project.

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