Think Group Online Platform

Why use multiple vendors when you can have all of your online software and national recruiting needs managed by Think Group?

We offer a customizable platform that can manage all types of projects; from online focus groups and IDIs to bulletin and discussion boards, and more! Our platform is private and in over 20 languages. Everything is managed and facilitated by Think Group. ​

Online bulletin boards and online focus groups are fully managed by Think Group’s expert Project Managers.

In-house, nationwide recruiting, for a seamless transition from project inception to project completion.

Dedicated project managers who know your project inside and out, eliminating the hassle of working with multiple vendors.

Online bulletin boards for up to 200 participants.

Online focus groups for up to 25 participants.

Training and support are included for all members of your team.

Our platform is user-friendly, and our pricing is competitive. We can be your one-stop shop for both recruiting and hosting your online project! Interested in learning more?
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Why choose our platform?

Think Group’s online live video tools are integrated into a broader research platform with panel management, screening, balancing, various onboarding flows, and more.

Ability to do meeting pre-work and follow-ups asynchronously and on the same platform. Improved privacy: Enforcement of name and profile photo disclosure preferences + fewer data processors handling PII.

Transcript and video recording organization (e.g. participant table in IDI shows who you met with, when you met, how many times AND links you to all the relevant recordings and transcripts). The alternative is a shared folder somewhere full of badly named video files and separate audio-transcript exports!

Speaker-identified transcripts (included with IDI now and coming later for Live Group Chat) allow you to properly attribute who said what. 

Interactive transcripts (included with IDI now and coming later for Live Group Chat) allow you to quickly navigate the recording (text selection fast forwards video to that point in time).

Automated video clip generation through simple text selection (included with IDI now and coming later for Live Group Chat).

Our platform can perform tasks that are normally done during an in-person focus group, such as…

  • Ad Mark-ups
  • Focus Group via live video (with a backroom for clients to watch and discuss)
  • IDI via live video
  • Polls/Surveys
  • Mock Trials via video (either live or pre-recorded)
  • Homework/Pre-Work Assignments
  • Online Bulletin Boards/Diaries
  • Have participants upload photos and videos
  • Video Mark-Ups
  • Scrapbooks
  • Discussion Boards

We offer a customizable platform that can manage all project forms.

Focus Groups Via Live Video

Our online focus groups allow for up to 25 participants and 10+ clients plus the Moderators. Everything is documented and a transcript, as well as a recording of the group(s), are included. We offer a backroom where clients can view, discuss, and take notes of the groups, just like they would in person! The participants and the moderator also have a chat room where surveys, videos, and discussions can occur. We also feature and conduct Tech Checks for each participant to ensure compatibility.

IDI Live Video

Similar to our online focus groups, everything is documented, and a transcript and recording are available. The backroom and chatroom features are also available. IDI live videos are a great way for your client to get more in-depth answers from each participant.

Online Bulletin Board

Our online bulletin board offers more than just the average platform. It is available in 20 different languages, can provide quantitative data like heat maps and graphs, can host up to 200 participants, do polls/surveys, daily diaries, ad mark-ups, fill-in-the-blanks, and more.


Our pricing is competitive and is customizable to each project. If you also use us for recruiting, you will receive a better deal.